Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lawless Jerky’s Executive Team Takes on the “A Jerky A Day” Diet

lawless jerky matt tolnick
Matt Tolnick in the baseball cap
To celebrate the one year anniversary of Lawless Jerky, Lawless Jerky's executives Matt Tolnick (Founder and CEO) and Jason Vegotsky (Partner and Director of Sales) will be replacing one meal per day for the next month with a 3-ounce bag of Lawless Jerky.

Beyond it being swimsuit season, they have committed themselves to this diet to show how all-natural, grass-fed beef jerky can be an important part of a sensible diet. Tolnick, who weighs in at 5'11" 190lb., will be walking 2 miles per day as part of his diet. Vegotsky, a former D-1 college basketball player measuring 6'3" 200lb., will be attending CrossFit class every other day.

One three-ounce Lawless Jerky™ bag provides around 300 calories (depending on the flavor), 40+ grams of fill-you-up protein, and under 10 grams of healthy fat. 100% grass-fed beef has an ideal 3:1 Omega 6 to Omega-3 fatty acids ratio. Grain-fed beef has an undesirable 20:1 ratio.

Commenting on the significance of the grass-fed versus grain-fed distinction, Tolnick said: “Forgive the high horse, but it’s sad to me that people looking for healthy jerky usually wind up eating jerky made using beef from cows that are unnaturally plumped on a grain-based diet. Beef is the #1 ingredient in your jerky; why eat beef stuffed with corn, soy, grains, hormones, and antibiotics when you’d avoid them in your own diet? You are what you eat.”

Lawless Jerky has recently moved to North Carolina to partner with a family farm to make the first 100% grass-fed, dry-aged beef jerky in the country. No antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides are used in their humane farming. Owing to a successful Kickstarter campaign and pre-orders from loyal fans on, this small-batch jerky remains on backorder on a first come first served basis.

When asked if Lawless Jerky would offer a discounted 30-pack of jerky to customers looking to replicate the diet, Vegotsky quipped, “That’s not a bad idea – and we’ve got a different jerky flavor for every day of the week! But let’s see how the diet goes first…Tolnick and I have a hefty side bet on it, so I think we’ll be sufficiently motivated to stick to it.”

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