Monday, September 1, 2008

Serious Eats & Serious Beef Jerky

Kudos to the folks at Serious Eats, one of the top food blogs around, for arranging people's pixels in such a way as to recommend them into visiting this blog....

I like to think of Best Beef Jerky as a "serious jerky" blog, and perhaps it fits their bill for all things seriously culinary.

Serious Eats does mention jerky on some other pages of theirs, so if you're just as much into jerky snacking as I am, here's other pages you might want to investigate...


  1. Actually a question. What is the difference between Wild Ride hoppin peppered beef jerkey and Wild Ride, cowboy strps peppered beef jerkey?


  2. The "Hoppin" variety I reviewed is tenderized with papain and is extremely soft, almost mushy. The "Cowboy strips" are not tenderized, just regular jerky.

  3. Very nice page. I must share that I am pained to see that the Lazy H Smokehouse in Kirby, TX isn't reviewed. That's sort of like not reviewing a 3 Star Michelin establishment in a high end restaurant blog, something is just missing. It's easy too, just call 'em up, order hot and regular by the half pound (get's a little shady when you give your cc info to some random lady who sounds like she's writing it down on a napkin, but I had no trouble) and you're all set. Keep up the good work.

  4. I can't find a website for Lazy H Smokehouse. Next time you talk to them, have them send me some samples, about 2oz each variety. I'll review it.

  5. haha - it's a smoke house in the middle of nowhere texas that's super old school and run by a 70+ year old woman called Velma. Winner of more kinds of awards than they can count, but definitely no website. I'm pretty damn sure she'd look at you crooked through the phone if you called asking her to mail out free stuff lol, it's a different world out there. But if you want a half pound of hot and a half pound of regular, you can give 'em a ring and give 'em your cc! Do as you like... :-)