Sunday, March 30, 2008

Submit Your Jerky for Review

Jerky Manufacturers

We'd love to publish reviews of your jerky products!

Best Beef Jerky has a loyal following of jerky aficionados who are looking to buy top quality jerky snacks. We're the only publication that focuses on the jerky industry.

Our reviews generate large volumes of referrals, many of which conclude in sales for jerky brands.

Our reviews are read by 30,000 people per month (as of Jan 1, 2014).

What you'll get is an honest review, with vivid photos, and a link to your website.

We recommend reading some of our reviews first, just so you'll know what you can expect from us.

What to Send

Send samples for as many varieties as you produce, and we'll write up a review for each one. A minimum package size of 3oz is what we need to produce a detailed review.

Please include some information on your company that we can share with our readers, such as how you started the business, how long the brand has been around, awards your jerky has won, etc.

Also tell us what you'd charge for shipping to Southern California (92584). We use this info in the review.

Ship to:

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