Sunday, March 30, 2008

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Best Beef Jerky has developed a long-term, loyal following of hardcore jerky fanatics who are in search of great tasting jerky, new jerky brands, and the snack they love at the best prices. With a record of generous traffic, and easily the most trusted authority in our field, Best Beef Jerky has taken significant time to establish this trusted resource.

Banner Locations

We support three banner locations...

  • 300 x 250 (located on upper-right of all pages)

  • 160 x 600 (located inside full length articles)

  • 468 x 60 (located at bottom of full length articles)

Getting the Most from Banner Ads

The advantage that banner ads gives our advertisers is the opportunity to create "branding". That is having your logo, your name, and your catchphrase become familiar with our readers. This familiarity breeds more than just recognition, but confidence. As our readers trust that we are delivering positive, accurate, and helpful information, they associate our advertisers with that positive encounter. They grow to trust and use the information they garner here and ultimately shift that trust to our advertiser’s brands.

Best Beef Jerky enjoys a loyal readership that visits regularly, so each and every visit they will see your brand, over and over again. Banner ads are not really meant to attract clicks, but rather build familiarity, trust and confidence. When our readers are ready to try a new brand of jerky, or buy some jerky from a different retailer, they'll remember you.

Advertisers are encouraged to create colorful, and sometimes animated banner ads displaying the company name, logo, catchphrase, and anything else associated with the brand.

Here are some facets of the different Advertising Packages we offer:

  • Top Banner - 300x250 banner ad is located at upper-right of all pages. This banner will be seen by every reader, on each visit, because it displays on every single page. That includes our regular visitors, the hardcore jerky eaters, all the way to those curious readers reaching the site through a Google search. For the greatest possible visibility with all of our visitors, this is the position to own. This banner position is available only by a 6-month commitment.

  • Article Banner - 160x600 banner ad is located inside article pages only. This banner displays inside the body every article, on every article page. Geared to reach our more intrigued readers, this ad placement gives a greater sense of distinction to our advertiser, as it is a position of trust. To maximize advertising dollars and reach only those readers most interested in jerky, this banner location is the best position for the money. This banner position is available only by a 6-month commitment.

  • Exit Banner - 468x60 banner ad is located at the conclusion of every article, on every article page. Studies show that ads displaying at the end of content are highly visible, and appear in a position where the reader is ready to exit the page and are more likely to make a purchase. The smaller size of this 468x60 banner is priced more affordably. To increase the revenue for our advertiser, we encourage only animated banner ads in this position. This banner position is available only by a 6-month commitment.

To begin branding your company name with a trusted source who knows the Best Beef Jerky and begin increasing your sales, contact our Sales and Marketing Director Tina Walker at, or by calling 951.660.7192.