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Two Brothers Jerky - Famously Hot (New Recipe)

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We reviewed Two Brothers Jerky a couple years ago, but they're back with revised recipes, new flavors, and new packaging.

The brand is the collaborative effort of two brothers separated at birth, Paul Brock and Eddie Wales. After growing up never knowing about the other, they one discovered they each had a brother. After they reunited, they took a trip out to a lake and realized they both loved beef jerky, and both had this crazy entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, Two Brothers Jerky was born. Now based out of both Durham, NC and Columbia, SC, Two Brothers Jerky features North Carolina grass fed, grass-finished beef, and made with no nitrates.

This "Famously Hot" (see previous review) is named for Wales' hometown of Columbia, SC, which is "Famously Hot". The company says, "The first bite delivers a deep intensity of crushed red peppers, citrus and garlic with a slow building heat that will make want to grab another piece."


Beef, soy sauce, water, lime juice, red chili flakes, dried garlic, dried onion, citric acid, honey, lime oil.


The first thing I taste is a salty seasoning blend of garlic and onion, but with a light tangy wisp of citrus. The chewing brings on the soy sauce flavor, along with a touch of chile pepper. There's a light bit of heat building, while the natural meat flavors come through.

As for being marketed as "Hot", it certainly has a little bit of heat, but not quite enough for a spicy food lover such as I. If you happen to be someone with a sensitive palate, perhaps this would be considered hot. But then again, I doubt any such persons would bother to buy something on this side of the spectrum. So, if this jerky was meant for hot food lovers and chile heads, I don't think it delivers on its labeled promise.

I'd rate the heat as "mild medium" (level 2 out of 5), which is down a level from the previous recipe.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a salty seasoning blend of garlic and onion, with a noticeable soy sauce and a light tangy citrus. The natural meat flavors come in during the chewing, while a light chile pepper flavor adds to the mix.

The meat consistency seems different from the previous recipe. This meat is has a tender feel, though dry, but still chewy. It's far different than the dry, woody feel as before. I do find some pieces with significant chunks of fat. Overall, it's very meaty and chews down to a steak-like texture.


This revised recipe of Famously Hot from Two Brothers Jerky does seem like an improvement in both flavor and chewing. The natural meat flavor comes out more in this, and I also prefer the garlic and onion seasoning and the light tangy citrus. While it's not really all that hot, there's still "some" heat, and I think chile heads will enjoy the light chile pepper flavor that comes out. Even the meat consistency and chewing texture seems improved. I think this Famousl Hot variety is Two Brothers' best flavor.

Rating: Best

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