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Best Beef Jerky is the top visited website for beef jerky product reviews.  Some 30,000 unique visitors who are interested in buying jerky visit our website each month.  We also have over 3,000 followers on our Facebook Page.

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In The News!

For Riverside County resident Steve Johnson though, desiccated meat is not a necessity, but a passion. Johnson runs Best Beef Jerky, a blog dedicated to publishing meticulous, comprehensive reviews of jerky products.

"I've always loved beef jerky. I remember as young as seven years old, my mom buying jars of jerky at the grocery store and then while driving home, I'd pull the jar out of the grocery bag and start eating it down," he recalls via email, probably tearing off a mottled brown shard as he types. Johnson started out writing a blog about junk food, but the free samples--all manner of candy, chocolate, chips, and puffs--contributed to a 70-pound weight gain. Jerky proved a healthier, albeit excessively salty, muse.

  - LA Weekly Magazine