I'm Steve. Beef jerky is my favorite snack food, and it's been that way since my childhood.  I run an Internet marketing company, and am part owner of an Internet consultant group. I design websites, graphics, and print materials. Jerky is my fuel of choice.

So I created this blog as a way to share my thoughts on the various brands and varieties of beef jerky. And not just beef, but flesh from other critters too, like pigs, turkeys, deer, buffalo, clams, etc. Yup, you can actually get clam jerky.

Now, I get all sorts of jerky sent to me for review, and this website has turned into a business of its own.

I grew up in California, where snack food and convenience is king. Californians are always out doing stuff because it stays sunny here. And thanks to the low-carb diet trend, beef jerky has become a snacking staple in the Golden State.

I'm also a digital nomad. I travel full time across the United States visiting clients on behalf of the businesses I work for. Follow my travels: http://www.roadpickle.com

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