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Jeff's Famous Jerky - Carolina Reaper

jeff's famous jerky
Jeff's Famous Jerky recently released this new flavor, Carolina Reaper. Based out of Mission Viejo, CA, Jeff's Famous Jerky is a brand owned by Jeff's Famous Foods, Inc.

The company started up in 2010 when Jeff Richards decided to make a business from his favorite snack food, jerky. Since the 1970s, Richards has been making his own jerky, getting better year after year, similar to like a 40-year old bourbon. Professionally, Richards has spent his career in the restaurant business and also coaches entrepreneurs through a consulting business.

This Carolina Reaper variety is of course based on the currently-world's-most-hottest chile pepper, the Carolina Reaper. According to Jeff himself, he launched this jerky variety after friends kept asking for something "over-the-top fiery".


Beef, teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, carolina reaper, cayenne, pineapple, worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, garlic, ghost pepper, ground pepper, sea salt, ginger


The first flavor that hits right away is the Carolina Reaper itself and it's pungent, floral flavor. The burn starts up right away. The chewing brings on the teriyaki along with a fair amount of sweet and bits of garlic. I can also pick up a tangy, fruity character, and light amounts of natural meat flavor.

For being marketed as a Carolina Reaper jerky, this is definitely over-the-top fiery! One small piece sets about a chain reaction of burn, sweat, heavy breathing, and hands reaching for cold drinks. The peppery aroma coming off of this jerky creates the same kind of anticipation and trepidation as a cherry-hot branding iron. Yet, the flavor of chiles is right there. This jerky has full Reaper flavor, not just heat. On our heat scale, this rates as "hot" (level 5 out of 5).

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a rich, pungent, Carolina Reaper chile but laden over a sweet, tangy teriyaki, with a lightly fruity character and notes of garlic.

The meat consistency is excellent. This is a semi-moist, and tender jerky cut from what appears to be beef brisket. The initial bite is soft yet meaty, and once chewed down it feels almost like filet-mignon cooked medium rare. I didn't find any stringiness or unchewable tissues.


This Carolina Reaper beef jerky from Jeff's Famous Jerky delivers a ton of heat and doesn't waste time getting there. In fact, if you plan to share this jerky with friends, you might to have them sign a release of liability first. This jerky also delivers the full, rich flavor of Carolina Reaper chiles, with its pungent, earthy, yet floral signature. Fans of chile peppers will also get that endorphin rush that comes with the Reaper's capsaicin surge. But this jerky is more than just a fiery-hot chile pepper, it's actually based on a great teriyaki marinade and meat consistency that Jeff's Famous Jerky is known for. I love the tangy chewing, fruity character, and the soft, steak-like chewing texture. You can't go wrong with any of Jeff's Famous Jerky varieties, but if seething hot meat snacks is your game, you can't go wrong with this Carolina Reaper choice.

Rating: Best (5/5)

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