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Bakke Brothers Brand - Garlic Lovers Beef Jerky

bakke brothers jerky
Bakke Brothers Brand is owned by Whiskey Hill Smokehouse, LLC based out of Hubbard, OR. Whiskey Hill also owns The Jerky Hut, as well as its own house brand, Whiskey Hill Smokehouse.

Bakke Brothers differs from The Jerky Hut in that it's free of preservatives such as sodium nitrite, sodium erythorbate, et al, and it's also gluten-free.

This "Garlic Lovers" appears to be one of the brand's best sellers based on reviews.


Beef, brown sugar, water, garlic, salt, celery powder, black pepper, onion


The first flavors that come into view is a well defined garlic, along with a fair amount of sweet. There's a light salt as well. The chewing brings on a little bit of the natural meat flavors, while the garlic continues to blossom. Towards the latter part of chewing, the black pepper becomes recognizable.

For being marketed as, "Garlic Lovers" there's an unmistakable garlic presence in each bite. There's even a garlic aroma that wafts from the package as soon as its torn open. The flavor is strong enough that it overpowers the other ingredients, yet stays away from burning the tongue. It's about as garlicky as jerky can get without scorching the palate.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is that of a sticky sweet garlic with a light salt and pepper. It's overall mild and suitable for all spice tolerances.

The meat consistency is excellent. These are thick sliced strips of beef. They start out quite chewy, almost tough, but eventually chew down without putting too much wear and tear on the jaws. Once chewed down soft, they take on a steak-like texture. There's little to no stringiness, and barely any fat noticeable. These are pretty much all meat.


This Garlic Lovers beef jerky from Bakke Brothers Brand doles out a lot of garlic flavor for those who truly crave the famed pungent seasoning staple. A package of this jerky will give you enough garlic breath to make an Italian nonna fall in love while keeping vampires a good 100 feet away. But while the garlic in this great, it's still a one-dimensional jerky, without much other flavors aside from a strong sweet. The natural meat flavors are light, while the salt and pepper seasonings are also light. The more discriminating jerky aficionado will lose interest after a couple strips. But if garlic's your game, this jerky's got your name.

Rating: Good (4/5)

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