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Miernicki's Amazing Jerky

miernicki's amazing jerky
Miernicki's Amazing Jerky recently redeveloped its recipe after we published our original review last December 2016, and sent us more samples for a review. The company is based in Santee. CA.

The company was founded by Paul Miernicki, a PGA golf professional who spends much of time running a golf instruction course in San Marcos, CA. Considering how popular beef jerky is with folks who like to whack little white balls over well-manicured lawns, he chose to perfect his own meat snack recipe instead of spending so much money on "jerky soaked in chemicals".

This new recipe effectively keeps the same emphasis on coriander, vinegar, and black pepper, but eliminates some extraneous ingredients, and lowers the amount of sodium. It's still labeled as, "all natural", but the company includes that it's gluten-free too.


Beef, coriander, garlic salt, black pepper, vinegar


The first flavors that come on is a noticeable coriander, some salt, and hints of vinegar. The chewing brings on a bit of natural meat flavor while the garlic salt seasoning wanders in. The vinegar and coriander increases strength a touch. The latter part of chewing reveals a light black pepper while the natural meat flavors pick up some. Over several pieces, the black pepper builds strength and becomes a touch stronger than the coriander and vinegar.

This revised recipe definitely still keeps the coriander/vinegar profile from before, while the sodium does seem to be lightened. However, this is still a salt-forward profile, just made with less salt than before (630mg of sodium per ounce for a two ounce package, based on the Nutrition Facts).

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is that of vinegar and salt with coriander seasoning up front, but where the black pepper picks up strength after eating several pieces and eventually challenges the other ingredients. The natural meat flavors are lightly noticeable in the chewing and become a touch more identifiable just before swallowing.

The meat consistency is dry, chewy, but overall still easy to eat. Some pieces are sliced a little more thick and require some additional effort. I found some stringiness, and some marbling, but overall meaty. Once chewed down soft, it feels steak-like.


This improved recipe from Miernicki's Amazing Jerky is like the flavor of biltong married into American-style beef jerky. It's a coriander/vinegar profile, much like with the company's previous recipe, but with a noticeably lightened sodium. Overall, the salt is still a primary flavor in these slices of beef, but by being lightened up it seems to increase the characteristic coriander, vinegar, and black pepper found in South African-style charcuterie. Overall, Miernicki's Amazing Jerky is unique in that it doesn't rely on soy sauce or worcestershire, yet is still savory with is blend of ingredients. While it's a dry-style jerky, and can at times feel tough, it's well-flavored enough to suck and roll around in your mouth until it's malleable. Overall, Miernicki's is definitely "Amazing" for its biltong-like flavor in an American-style jerky, it's still a salt-forward recipe, just dropped down a notch to create a more balanced profile.

Rating: Good (4/5)

miernicki's amazing jerky

miernicki's amazing jerky

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