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Country Butcher Beef Jerky - Sweet Teriyaki

country butcher beef jerky
Country Butcher is a brand that's been around since 2001 (based on our research). The company itself did not send us samples for review; we were provided samples by one of their online retailers. Country Butcher was started by Ken Croucher, based out of Placentia, CA.

Croucher has been making jerky since 1974, and perfected his recipe while working at a grocery store where he could offer samples to customers and gather feedback. He's been relying on the same recipe ever since. According to online documents, Croucher developed a beef jerky recipe for Perky Jerky. Perky Jerky grew to fame by offering the world's first energy-infused jerky, using Croucher's recipe, and today they're one of the biggest jerky brands on the market. Country Butcher currently sells online through Amazon and eBay, and a variety of other outlets.

This Sweet Teriyaki variety is marked as being made from "Brisket". It's also marked, "Gluten Free" and "All Natural".


Beef brisket, gluten free reduced sodium tamari soy sauce, brown sugar, pineapple juice concentrate, granulated garlic, black pepper, ginger


The first flavors that come into view are a moderate sweet, followed by a light soy sauce. The chewing brings on more of a teriyaki flavor, with an increased soy sauce, but also a lightly noticeable pineapple, and hints of garlic. There's a subtle black pepper that takes awhile to surface, while the natural meat flavors linger in the background.

For being marketed as, "Sweet Teriyaki", this does have a teriyaki-esque profile for its soy sauce base and moderate level sweetness. There's even a faint touch of ferment flavor, though the ingredients list is void of any such component. Still, it does seem to emulate Japanese-style teriyaki to a small degree, but overall it's still very much an Americanized variety.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a sweet, lightly tangy, soy sauce base, seasoned subtly with garlic and black pepper. The natural meat flavors, along with bits of fatty character, show up lightly towards the end of chewing.

The chewing is very soft and tender, almost to the point of a kippered meat snack. It's very "melt in your mouth" and once chewed down, has the consistency of filet mignon cooked medium rare. Despite these being cut from brisket, they don't feel stringy at all.


This Sweet Teriyaki beef jerky from Country Butcher uses a brisket cut of beef that remains very soft and tender, with a meaty texture comparable to filet mignon cooked medium rare. The teriyaki in this is more like a sweetened soy sauce than it is a true Japanese-style, yet still manages to recreate a touch of fermented flavor through its own blend of pineapple and garlic flavorings. While the flavor is snackable, it's really the highly tender, soft, moist chewing that makes this a delight. It still has the steak-like chewing, but more like a medium-rare filet-mignon, just velvety smooth with a snackworthy marinade and seasoning.

Rating: Good (4/5)

teriyaki beef jerky

teriyaki beef jerky


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