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Biltong USA - Spicy Garlic Droëwors

biltong usa review
Biltong USA was among the earliest brands of American-made biltong, dating back to 1996. South African immigrants, Dawid Joubert and Salome Joubert founded the company in Stallings, NC based on the same family recipe that dated back into the 1600s. Over the years, their biltong products helped launched a new meat snack category in the States.

In January 2018, Biltong USA was acquired by a rival biltong brand, Stryve Foods. However, Biltong USA continues on under its own brand, and is still manufactured at its original USDA inspected facility in Stallings.

This Spicy Garlic Droëwors, according to the company, come from their large, fresh pieces of solid beef muscle, and is then ground coarse, seasoned, stuffed into lamb casing, and finally cured. Droëwors is a South African-style meat stick. These are the company's normal sized stick, they also make a thicker variety.


Beef, salt, flavorings, vinegar, raisin juice concentrate, garlic, lamb casing.


The first flavors that I pick up is a light garlic, soon followed by coriander and vinegar. The chewing brings on some salt, along with the natural meat flavors. The garlic picks up considerably, while the coriander ramps up a little. The natural meat flavors become more pronounced towards the end.

For being marketed as a "Spicy Garlic" flavor, the garlic comes through really well. There's a light initial flavor, but as the chewing goes on, it gains flavor and packs a good punch. The "spicy" however, is not to be found. It's still totally mild, with no chile pepper flavor and no spiciness at all.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile starts with the classic South African Droëwors, with the coriander and vinegar flavor, but garlicked up a good deal, and the natural meat flavor coming on strong towards the end.

These sticks are generally easy to chew though still retain a chewy character, mostly through the lamb casing. They have a clean, dry handling, despite the meat being fatty and lightly oily. There's a light bit of unchewable tissues noted, but otherwise still very much meaty and enjoyable.


This Spicy Garlic Droëwors from Biltong USA delivers a strong garlic flavor that any vampire hunter would proudly want for their snacking belt. While it's not really spicy at all, at least none that our chile pepper-seeking palates could register, it's largely the same classic South African-style meat stick flavor and chewing that makes Biltong USA such a popular brand. We love the light and airy feel of these meat sticks, along with the light crunch to the lamp casing, yet they still serve up a beefy chew and a fatty, natural meat flavor. The abundance of garlic flavor in these sticks, however, really makes this that much more irresistible and definitely a "must try".

Rating: Best (5/5)



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