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Smoke Shack Jerky - Dojo Mojo

smoke shack jerky
Smoke Shack Jerky describes itself as a "small Upstate NY kitchen" that launched in 2017 by Jonathan Brown of Rochester, NY. Their unique angle is smoking jerky over real wood, and using thicker cuts of meat for a beefier chew. They don't use any smoke flavoring, and no preservatives. The company also has a line of smoked nuts.

Brown also chose to develop jerky recipes based on cultures found around the world as opposed to the more common profiles found with mass-produced brands.

This Dojo Mojo is described by the company as an, "Asian BBQ with tangy, smoky flavor and a bit of sweetness", going on to say that it's mild in spice.


Beef, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, red wine vinegar, lime juice, ginger, black pepper, garlic


The first thing I taste is an earthy spice, comparable to cumin. Some salt comes in. The chewing brings on a light curry flavor, a touch of smoke, a bit of sweet, and faint traces of soy sauce.

For being described as a Medium-spice, Asian BBQ, it's hard to determine this as having a BBQ flavor. There's a light smokiness, but doesn't really have a grilled, or char flavor. It doesn't really have a distinct Asian flavor as well. The soy sauce is very light, and the hoisin sauce is not identifiable. If anything, there's a light thai-style curry flavor, with a faint tangy chew.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a light soy sauce, gently sweetened, with a dusting of thai-style curry. There's a well-done cooked steak flavor that comes in towards the end.

The meat consistency looks great in terms of little to no signs of fat or stringiness. It is a thicker sliced meat, generally easy to bite off and chew, but rather dry. The chewing texture feels very meaty, and almost a steak-like feel. Most of the pieces, however, are cut into small chunks and bits, which may necessitate having to grab 2 or 3 at a time to get a decent mouthful.


This Dojo Mojo beef jerky from Smoke Shack Jerky delivers a light Asian-inspired flavor through an earthy, almost cumin-like flavor, perhaps something comparable thai-style curry. There's still a soy sauce profile, lightly salty, somewhat smoky and just a bit of sweet, but it's more of a steak-house flavor with a thick, steak-like chewing. The spiciness remains mild however, and there's even a shade of tanginess. While it tends to have a dry chew, it gives off a good deal of natural meat flavors.

Rating: Good (4/5)

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