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Tibbs Beef Jerky - Black Pepper

tibbs beef jerky
Tibbs Beef Jerky is the creation of Steve Tibbs, who launched the business in 2016, based out of Bakersfield, CA. Tibbs descends from a line of barbecue grill masters and even dabbles in charcuterie.

But, the story behind Tibbs' entry into the jerky business was weight loss. Reaching 260 pounds at one point, he decided to forge together his love for meat snacks with hitting the gym. He started making his own jerky using whole foods, fresh beef, and healthful ingredients. When his friends tried his jerky, Tibbs realized he had a gold mine on his hands. Today, Tibbs jerky is sold in stores throughout the greater Bakersfield area, as well as online from its website, and now through a monthly subscription service.

This "Black Pepper" is described by Tibbs as his Original flavor, but named as such because of its black pepper forward profile.


Beef, worcestershire sauce, black pepper, granulated garlic, salt, olive oil, liquid smoke


The first flavors to come on is garlic, followed by a light vinegar. The black pepper slowly rolls on with a freshly cracked, pungent spice. The chewing yields a more noticeable black pepper, while the vinegar increases a bit. The worcestershire is there, but remains a light marinade in the background.

For being marketed as "Black Pepper", it definitely delivers. I get lots of fresh cracked, black pepper flavor. It's pungent, it's spicy, it's up-front and unmistakable. There's even a light "soapy" character, similar to what cilantro adds. All in all, this is a spicy jerky, rating "medium" on our heat scale (level 3 out of 5).

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a combination of garlic with a sharp black pepper spice, and a light vinegar-weighted worcestershire wavering in the background. The natural meat flavors linger behind the scenes with a pan-fried steak character, lightly simmering in its own oils.

The meat consistency is largely dry, yet still soft and flexible. Shreds of meat rip off easily from each piece, yet they tend to be chewy and will require a fair amount of chewing effort. I noted small amounts of unchewable tissues, but nothing significant enough to get in the way. The overall chewing texture is steak-like.


This Black Pepper variety from Tibbs Beef Jerky awakens the senses with an initial punch of garlic, and by the time you've collected yourself, the black pepper comes on with a sharp, pungent, freshly cracked spice that almost mimics cilantro. The worcestershire adds an interesting vinegar component, nothing like the famed steak sauce character we come to expect in other jerky brands. What you get upfront, however, is a spicy attack of garlic and black pepper, with a vinegar-like marinade over a pan-fried steak flavor. It's not your father's black pepper jerky; it's a lot more bold and punches the palate.

Rating: Best (5/5)

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