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Love Jerky Company - Ginger

love jerky company
Love Jerky Company is the creation of Helen Geddes and her husband Brian, based out of Oak Park, CA. The brand got started in 2017.

Helen and Brian used to make batches of homemade jerky and give them away to friends and family. Their jerky was a hit, and therefore turned their hobby into a never-ending tradition. Today, Love Jerky gives back to the community by donating a bag of jerky for every bag they sell.

This Ginger variety is one of three varieties the company offers. It doesn't make any specific marketing claims other than the word "Ginger".


Beef, pineapple juice, Worcestershire sauce, gluten free tamari sauce, ginger, balsamic vinegar, sugar, garlic


The first flavor I notice is a light ginger, followed by a light salt, and shades of worcestershire. The chewing brings on some of the natural meat flavors along with a light sweet.

For being named, "Ginger", it delivers well. I get a clearly noticeable ginger flavor, though none of the ginger spiciness or heat. Yet, it remains constant throughout the chewing and offers enough of its characteristic flavor to warrant the name. Because this company had covered its Jalapeno Pineapple with bits of real pineapple, I was hoping to get bits of shredded ginger for bursts of flavor, but there was none.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a lightly salted, lightly sweet, watered-down Worcestershire, with a clearly noticeable ginger character, over a light natural meat flavor.

The meat consistency is good, mostly all meat with light bits of fat encountered. But otherwise, no real stringiness. It's a dry jerky, yet quite soft to chew through. It chewing texture similar to eating a piece of steak cooked well-done.


This Ginger beef jerky from Love Jerky Company delivers a well-noticed ginger flavor without the ginger spiciness or heat. But despite its overall snackable marinade and steak-like chewing, this variety seems one-dimensional, not really offering any other taste interest. And because the ginger in this is mild, it seems designed for the masses than it is designed for passionate ginger lovers who may be looking for a fuller flavor experience. Yet on its own merits, it's a very snack-worthy jerky. It delivers a savory marinade while keeping the sodium level low, and the sugar to a minimum, all the while letting the natural flavor of beef come through.

Rating: Good (4/5)

ginger beef jerky

ginger beef jerky


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