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Wyoming Gourmet Beef - All Natural Angus Honey

wyoming gournet beef jerky
Wyoming Gourmet Beef is a brand of Wyoming Authentic Products, LLC based out of Cody, WY. The company was launched by David Fales to offer meat snacks using Wyoming-raised Angus cattle.

Fales is descended from a line of Wyoming cattle ranchers and hopes that his line of beef jerky and beef sticks will make "Wyoming Beef" a household name in the same way that "Florida Oranges", "Maine Lobster", and "Wisconsin Cheese" have become.

Wyoming Gourmet Beef is made from all natural, grass-fed, Angus beef, using no hormones nor antibiotics. All jerky and beef sticks are processed in Wyoming, using no MSG, no nitrites, and is gluten-free.


Angus beef, honey water, raw cane sugar, sea salt, black pepper, celery juice powder, dried garlic


The first flavor I pick up is a light smoke and salt. There's an oily flavor and feel. Meanwhile, a bit of garlic is noticeable. The chewing brings on a bit more salt and garlic seasoning, with touches of sweet.

For being marketed as, "Honey", it actually doesn't deliver much. It's only lightly, and most of that comes in through the chewing. There isn't really any honey flavor noticeable.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a moderate saltiness with a garlic seasoning, and a faint bit of sweet. There's a light bit of natural meat flavor that comes in from the chewing. The black pepper is even more faint, but is there if you look for it.

The meat consistency seems great. Most pieces are void of any fat and stringiness, while a few were lightly marbleized. Some pieces are tender while others require more work to chew through. Most of these pieces are oily to the touch and may cause you to wipe your fingers on your pants if you don't have a napkin handy. But it seems to have a great steak-like chewing texture.


This Honey variety from Wyoming Gourmet Beef doesn't really deliver a recognizable honey flavor, nor is it sweet to any significant degree, but it does offer the excellent chewing texture of all natural Angus beef. In fact, if you prefer lightly seasoned and marinated beef jerky, this is a great choice for its emphasis on cattle raised the way Mother Nature intended. Overall, the seasoning is nothing special or original, just good old fashioned jerky made with honest-to-goodness Wyoming Angus.

Rating: Good (4/5)

wyoming gourmet beef jerky
wyoming gourmet beef jerky


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