Monday, November 6, 2023

Pearson Ranch Summer Sausages

pearson ranch summer sausage
Pearson Ranch is a family owned ranch specializing beef cattle and exotic meats since 1959. In 2000, the ranch shifted operations to snack meats, primarily sausages and jerky.

Jerky Dynasty is now offering them online, and with Christmas coming up, we thought we'd feature them as ideas for stocking stuffers.

These summer sausages are all preservative free, with no nitrites, no MSG, and are gluten free.

Wild Boar Summer Sausage

Made from feral swine, with domestic pork added, and then hickory smoked, this Wild Boar Summer Sausage offers a mild, smoked meat flavor, with a tangy vinegar, garlic, and salt profile. It definitely has a pork flavor, but nothing gamey at all.

The chewing texture is soft and moist. I found no hard bits or unchewable tissues that often found in large national brands.

Venison Summer Sausage

Made from real venison, with pork added, and then hickory smoked, this Venison Summer Sausage offers a slightly more meaty flavor, with a touch of that gamey flavor that venison is characterized by. There's a light peppery taste that comes on in the background.

The chewing texture is soft and moist, but a touch more chewy than the Wild Boar. It's pure meat, with nothing unchewable or hard.

Elk Summer Sausage

Made with real elk, this is also added with pork, and then hickory smoked. This has a touch more of a meaty flavor, without the gamey taste of the venison. It's more beefy in character with the same light peppery taste in the background.

Like the others, this is also soft and moist, and similarly chewy as the Venison. Again, it's pure meat inside, with nothing unchewable or hard.


These summer sausages from Pearson Ranch seem to do a great job of bringing out the characteristics of exotic meat flavors, while staying true to the traditional summer sausage profile. If you like a more mild flavor, go with the Wild Boar. If you like the gamey taste, the Venison will deliver. And if you like something more beefy, the Elk is it.

Each sausage is priced at $9.99 per 7oz stick.

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