Monday, November 7, 2016

Bounce Jerky - Holly's Homestyle

bounce jerky
Bounce Jerky is a new brand launched by Patrick Bounce and his partner and fiance Amber Czech, based out of Essex, MD. A few years ago Patrick decided to direct his 10 years of culinary work into making jerky. After finding success in selling through eBay, they decided to take things to the next level.

The brand uses grass-fed Black Angus eye of round raised on Amish farms in Pennsylvania. Meat is hand sliced, while the marinade uses natural products like locally harvested honey, kosher salt, and gluten-free soy sauce. Finally, the jerky is smoked over apple, cherry, or hickory wood chips.

Finally, each online order can be customized to the customer by making it more hot, or less hot.

This Holly's Homestyle is described as a sweet flavor, with no spice, named after one of the company's long time friends.


Beef, gluten-free soy sauce, cane sugar, white vinegar, salt, natural smoke


The first thing that hits my palate is a strong sweet, followed soon by a natural smoke. There's a light saltiness. The chewing brings on a smokey, natural meat flavor, with touches of tanginess.

For being marketed as a sweet, mild variety, it certainly holds up. It's quite sweet, and totally mild. It even has a sticky touch, almost like a glaze, and it's the sweet that hits you first before any other flavor.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a smokey, sweet, natural meat flavor, with a light bit of salt, and a touch of tangy chewing.

The meat consistency seems mostly all meat. The chewing is a little more moist than the company's "Spicy Pineapple" I reviewed last week, and it's a little more tender too. Once chewed down soft, it feels like real steak, cooked well done.


This Holly's Homestyle from Bounce Jerky offers an excellent, real wood smoked meat flavor, with little other seasonings to get in the way. The extra sweet flavor and moist, sticky touch, seems to heighten the smokiness. This jerky has a simple character, which makes it taste old school, yet belts out a very irresistible flavor. Add to that the moist, tender chewing, and steak-like texture, and you get the sense of eating natural, real wood smoked beef, with few ingredients.

Rating: Best (5/5)

bounce jerky

bounce jerky


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