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Bounce Jerky - Spicy Pineapple

bounce jerky
Bounce Jerky is a new brand launched by Patrick Bounce and his partner and fiance Amber Czech, based out of Essex, MD. A few years ago Patrick decided to direct his 10 years of culinary work into making jerky. After finding success in selling through eBay, they decided to take things to the next level.

The brand uses grass-fed Black Angus eye of round raised on Amish farms in Pennsylvania. Meat is hand sliced, while the marinade uses natural products like locally harvested honey, kosher salt, and gluten-free soy sauce. Finally, the jerky is smoked over apple, cherry, or hickory wood chips.

Finally, each online order can be customized to the customer by making it more hot, or less hot.

This Spicy Pineapple is said to be Bounce Jerky's best seller. It contains dehydrated pineapple chips.


Beef, gluten-free soy sauce, cane sugar, red chili peppers, white distilled vinegar, salt, garlic, natural smoke


The first thing that hits my palate is the smoke flavor, followed by the soy sauce along with a noticeable heat. The chewing brings on the natural meat flavors, with touches of tanginess and a light garlic.

Meanwhile, the pineapple chips are soft and moist. When eaten with a piece of jerky, together they create this great contrast of sweet, fruity, tangy, with savory, smoky, salty, that makes this quite addicting.

The heat seems to sit just above moderate, at a "Medium Hot" rating (level 4 out of 5). It has enough heat to create a tingling on the scalp and a little watering of the eyes.

Overall the primary taste profile, when both the beef and pineapple are eaten together, is an even blend of spicy, fruity, smoky, sweet, and salty. The beef largely sits on the smoke flavor and soy sauce, while the pineapple is largely tangy and fruity. Both are quite spicy, however.

The meat consistency seems mostly all meat. The chewing is dry, and requires a little bit of extra work to chew through. Once chewed down soft, it feels like real steak, cooked well done. Eating with piece of pineapple, however, seem to mitigate that.


This Spicy Pineapple from Bounce Jerky is surprisingly good when both jerky and pineapple are eaten together. The pineapple has a rich tangy and fruity flavor, not like the heavily-sugared dried pineapple you get in stores. The jerky itself has a great smoky flavor thanks to the use of real smoke woods, though otherwise I found it unremarkable compared to other jerky brands. But the two together create a very rich, contrasting flavor that's quite amazing.

Rating: Best (5/5)

spicy pineapple jerky

spicy pineapple jerky

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  1. Got our bag yesterday. It was gone within ten minutes and we ordered six more bags while eating it. Nice and smoky meat pieces that give an authentic taste and texture. The pineapple and jerky combo is just ridiculously good. Only thing we complained about was that there wasn't more left. However I noticed they do fill it with 4oz whereas other jerky we buy is 2-3.5oz per bag. I think we found our new favorite.