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Crockett Creek Beef Jerky - Original

crockett creek beef jerky
Crockett Creek Beef Jerky is a brand owned by Magnolia Provision Company, Inc., based out of Knoxville, TN. The brand has been around since 1994.

Magnolia Provisions is also well known as a beef jerky co-packer, making jerky for many other companies. They also produce steaks, chops, patties, and other cuts of beef for retail.

This Original beef jerky is described by the company as having, "the perfect balance in texture. It's moist and chewy and lightly marinated."


Beef, soy sauce, water, brown sugar, vinegar, liquid smoke, hot sauce, pineapple juice, garlic powder.


The first flavors I pick up are a light salt and touches of sweet. There's a faint soy sauce that comes in. The chewing brings on touches of garlic and a hint of pineapple, along with the natural meat flavors.

As far as the company claiming this to be "lightly marinated", I'd have to agree. It's a mild flavored jerky that lets the natural meat flavors come through.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is that of beef stock but lighter on salt, with the natural meat flavors. Imagine eating a french dip sandwich dipped in au jus, it's similar. There's a light bit of sweet and hints of pineapple.

The meat consistency is that of thick slabs of round cut across the grain. I see some fat and gristle, but I don't feel them in the chewing. I wouldn't call this "moist" as the company says, it's more on the dry side. It definitely is chewy, however. Overall, it's still easy to chew, and takes on a meaty, steak-like chewing texture.


This Original beef jerky from Crockett Creek does a good job of letting the natural flavors of beef show through by using a light marinade. It offers a meaty, steak-like texture that's still easy to chew. Overall, it's a great example of beef jerky that lets you enjoy the full richness of beef. You're not going to get a blast of exotic fruit flavors, or a thick candy sweetness, just old fashioned style beef jerky. Compared to other brands of light-tasting jerky, it's actually pretty good because it retains all the natural characteristics of beef in terms of flavor and chewing, which makes it perfect for traditionalists, beef purists, and those with mild tongues.

Rating: Good

beef jerky

beef jerky


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