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Beefy Boys Beef Jerky - Reserve

beefy boys beef jerky
Beefy Boys Beef Jerky is a brand owned by John Bailey, based out of Salinas, CA. The brand has been around since 1999.

Manufactured in their very own USDA inspected facility, Beefy Boys is made from top round sourced from a supplier located 120 miles from their plant, then marinated and cooked using an old family recipe.

This Reserve variety is cut into long strips, as opposed to the slabs used in the company's other varieties. It's described as being more tender, and those who've tried it say it reminds them of, "the old Swiss-Italian style".


Beef, red wine, water, soy sauce, red wine vinegar, black pepper, seasoned salt, spices, other flavorings.


The first flavors that I pick up is the red wine marinade, followed by a light saltiness, and hints of soy sauce. The chewing brings on more of the marinade while the soy sauce increases in definition. There are hints of seasonings that come in later, along with the natural meat flavors.

As for the company's claims of being more tender, it certainly is. It's lightly moist to the touch, and there's a sense of moisture when biting off a piece, but overall it's still dry. As for tasting like the "old Swiss-Italian style", that's hard for me to say. I'm not quite sure what kind of jerky that is.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is that of a steak, marinated in red wine, and cooked well-done. It still has a savory character from the soy sauce, with hints of seasonings and black pepper. The level of saltiness feels low to moderate.

The meat consitency looks excellent. Seemingly all meat, sliced into thick strips, but relatively tender and lightly moist. It chews just like chunks of real steak, very meaty. Because it's sliced with the grain, some pieces require some effort to bite off.


This Reserve Beef Jerky from Beefy Boys delivers an unmistakable flavor of a steak marinated in red wine. Bolstered with soy sauce and seasonings, it's still savory like beef jerky, but more reminiscent of a fine steak. The meat consistency and chewing texture, however, is the star of the show. It feels and chews like a real piece of steak, bringing out the inner-carnivore in us. You could eat a bag of this jerky and almost feel like you've had dinner.

Rating: Good

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