Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jamie's Jerky - Turkey

jamies jerky
Jamie's Jerky is the creation of Jamie Watt and his daughter Sasa Watt, based out of Crested Butte, CO. The Watts have been making jerky as a hobby for themselves and their friends for 35 years. They were getting so many requests that they finally decided to make it a business.

Jamie's Jerky claims to strive for "sustainable jerky", using only grass-fed beef and all natural turkey, with no hormones and antibiotics. It's also gluten-free. The company has won Gold Medals two years running at the Crested Butte "Annual Jerky-Off", fielding unamimous decisions both times.

This turkey jerky is claimed to be made from USDA Choice grade, all natural turkey, with no preservatives or MSG.


Turkey, tamari soy sauce, worcestershire, water, garlic salt, cayenne pepper, Secret Sauce, organic brown sugar, black pepper, liquid smoke.


The first flavors to hit my palate is a light saltiness with hints of natural turkey meat flavor. I can pick up a light spicy heat in the background. The chewing brings on a light worcestershire and soy sauce flavor, along with some black pepper, and touches of garlic.

The primary taste profile of this turkey jerky is a combination of soy sauce and worcestershire, with a noticeable saltiness and black pepper. There's a light garlic in the background, along with a subtle sweetness.

The level of spiciness quite noticeable, mostly as the black pepper, but also having a bit of heat from the cayenne. On my personal heat scale, I'd rate this as "mild medium" (level 2 out of 5).

The meat consistency is excellent. Very lean slices of turkey with no pieces of fat to be seen. No chewy connective tissues are felt at all. It's semi-moist character makes this easy to chew, while still allowing for a light chewiness. The texture feels meaty, and gives off the sense of eating real, natural turkey meat, though lightly gummy from the sugar.


This turkey jerky from Jamie's Jerky does a great job of packing a lot of different flavors into each bite. It's primarily a soy sauce and worcestershire combo, but adds a noticeable garlic, black pepper, and touches of heat from cayenne. It's largely based on the same ingredients as the company's beef jerky I reviewed last week, but this turkey doesn't quite "pop" or "come alive" as well as the beef did. Yet, it still manages to create a lot of snackability for me. I also liked the lean meat consistency, the semi-moist, easy chewing, and meaty chewing texture. It offers a light natural turkey meat flavor, but also manages to taste fresh and natural, much like the packaging claims.

Rating: Good

jamies jerky

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