Monday, August 7, 2023

Country Archer Jerky - Original

country archer
Country Archer Jerky is a well known brand in the meat snack industry, going back to 1977 when it became the private labeler for hundreds of brands over the decades. Now based in San Bernardino, CA, the company is leveraging its own brand and pushing its own line of jerky into stores across the country.

As the jerky market has migrated towards preservative-free, natural ingredients, so has Country Archer. The company claims it's jerky is handcrafted, made in small batches, using all natural ingredients.

This Original flavor is simply described as being made from the "awesomest cattle", and little else...


Beef, soy sauce, brown sugar, lemon juice, garlic powder, liquid smoke, organic worcestershire sauce, fine pepper.


The first flavors that come to my palate are a light sweet, with touches of soy sauce. The chewing brings on a tad bit of the worcestershire, with a little of the liquid smoke, and a bit of black pepper.

As the company's Original offering, it's actually an overall light flavor, marked mostly by the light soy sauce and worcestershire, along with a light seasoning of garlic powder and black pepper. The sweetness continues through the chewing, flanked by faint hints of citrus.

The primary taste profile of this jerky is perhaps saucy mixture of soy sauce and worcestershire, but in light amounts, with a noticeable sweetness and a little bit of garlic and black pepper seasoning.

The chewing feels somewhat chewy, kind of dry, yet still tender enough to chew through easily. It has a meaty texture, but also a touch mushy, and not at all like a piece of steak. There's just a little bit of fat visible, and nothing stringy encountered.


This Original beef jerky from Country Archer offers up a somewhat light flavor overall, yet still savory and seasoned, and tame enough for all tolerances. The faint bit citrus in the chewing creates just enough tanginess to draw me into eating more pieces. I like the how this jerky is cut into bite sized pieces. But while the chewing is overall tender and meaty, it didn't really give me a steak-like texture. Overall, it lives up to the "Original" moniker, being mild in spice, suitable for all tongues, without stepping on any toes.

Rating: Good

country archer

country archer jerky

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  1. I bought this at iHerb, and like dit very much. Will buy again. As a diabetic and lowcarber, I hope someone could replace the sugar with stevia. I use that myself when I make my own beef jerky, which taste exactly like this product. Grassfed beef is expensive here in Norway, so it is actually cheaper to buy beef jerkey from USA than make it myself.