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People's Choice Beef Jerky - Sriracha

peoples choice beef jerky
People's Choice Beef Jerky is a brand of Peoples Sausage Company, Inc. based out of Los Angeles, CA. It's a family-run business that's been around since 1929. See our previous reviews of their jerky.

Recently the company went through a relaunch by introducing a new line of jerky called, "Tasting Kitchen", representing a testing ground for new flavor ideas. The first of this line is this Sriracha Beef Jerky.

The company also relaunched their Old Fashioned Line, which we'll be covering in the next weeks.


Beef, Sriracha, water, seasoning, distilled white vinegar


The first flavor I get is the sriracha sauce with some added seasonings, namely garlic, salt, black pepper, and touches of sweet. The chewing brings on much of the same flavors but adds some of the natural meat flavor and a faint vinegar.

For being advertised as "Sriracha beef jerky", it certainly fits the bill. I get a lot of that chile pepper and garlic taste that Sriracha is famous for, but it adds the classic jerky seasonings of garlic, salt, and black pepper.

As far what flavors define this jerky, it's starts out largely as the Sriracha sauce in the initial chews. But as I get further into the chewing, it's the classic beef jerky taste of garlic, salt, black pepper, and the natural meat flavors that take over.

The level of heat in this is well noticeable. I'd rate it as "Medium" on my personal heat scale (level 3 out of 5). The level of saltiness feels light to moderate.

The meat consistency seems good. I see mostly all meat with light stringiness. It has a classic jerky chewiness without being tough or tender. It starts out feeling chewy, and eventually takes on a meaty feel. By the time it's chewed down soft, it has little bit of a steak-like texture.

Verdict: This new Sriracha beef jerky from People's Choice actually does a great job of delivering that classic Sriracha sauce flavor, but holds on to the company's tradition of bringing you the old fashioned beef jerky flavor and chewing. It doesn't scorch your mouth with heat, but gives you plenty of spiciness to satisfy hot food lovers. It's not tough, though not tender, but more like the old fashioned style jerky but with the flavor of Sriracha.

Rating: Good (4/5)

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