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Pap's Beef Jerky - Pitmasters Barbecue #21 - Thin Style

paps beef jerky
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Pap's Beef Jerky, introduced a revised line of jerky, with a new line of recipes. See our previous reviews of their jerky.

Four new varieties now anchor their beef jerky lineup, Mild, Hot, Blazin Cajun, and Pitmasters BBQ. Pitmasters BBQ is the only variety carrying over from the previous lineup. The words "Thin Cut" now grace Pap's beef jerky packaging, which is considerably more thin than their previous cut.

Pap's Beef Jerky originally grew from Pap's Genuine Beef Sticks. Pap's is a creation of Rick Waldon, based out of Junction City, KY. Pap's Beef Jerky is made using USDA inspected beef in a USDA inspected facility.


Beef, soy sauce, water, brown sugar, liquid smoke, spices.


The first flavors to hit the palate are a sweetness combined with the smoke flavor. Some spicy tingle starts up, and then there's a tomatoey flavor. I can also pick up faint chile pepper tastes, and a very faint chipotle.

Going into the chewing, touches of natural meat flavor and shades of soy sauce come in.

For being marketed as a barbecue flavored jerky, it seems to hold up well. This has the thick sweetness you expect in a barbecue style, along with the bold, spicy seasonings. But it also has that tomatoey sauce flavor, and a tanginess too.

As for the spiciness, there's definitely some heat in this. I'd rank it as medium on my personal heat scale (level 3 out of 5).

Overall, the flavors that seem to define this jerky pretty much sums up as a bold, spicy, sweet, tomatoey, "barbecue sauce", but with an emphasis on the characteristics of chile peppers and chipotle.

The meat consistency is very meaty. I find very few stinginess, very little fat, or other unchewable tissies. It's chewy, but still manages to be easy to eat. Once chewed down, it feels just eating a piece of steak, like something cooked well.

Verdict: This Pitmasters Barbecue #21 from Pap's Beef Jerky really gives out a good "wow factor" the moment you put a piece into your mouth. It's like a combination of thick Kansas City-style sweet, a bold Memphis-style seasoning rub, and the spicy Louisiana-style heat. The thin cut, Kentucky style beef jerky creates some added snackability for its ease of eating, along with the smaller, bite-sized pieces.

Rating: Best

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