Monday, February 3, 2014

Get 50% Off Kings County Jerky!

kings county jerky co

BEST-Rated 100% Grass-Fed Jerky!
Kings County Jerky Co.
1 Pound a Month for a Year!
Over 50% off!
FREE shipping!
First 50 subscribers only!

Press Release

Kings County Jerky Co. announces an exciting new deal for jerky lovers! The first fifty subscribers to this limited offer earn a one year jerky subscription at 50% off! That's a pound-a-month of award-winning, grass-fed jerky shipped FREE at half the regular price!, The New York Times, Men's Journal and The Daily all agree that Kings County jerky is a cut above the rest. Handcrafted from 100% grass-fed beef and all natural spices, this is real jerky made from real ingredients. No feedlot beef, no corn syrup, no MSG, no nitrates, no artificial additives of any kind – just grass-fed steak and freshly toasted spices.

The $399 VIP membership offer gets subscribers free delivery of over $800 of grass-fed jerky for one year. That's a pound-a-month at less than $34, plus more than $100 in saved shipping costs. Subscribers can choose from Cracked Pepper, Korean BBQ, Sichuan Ginger, or a custom mix of flavors. For the true jerky connoisseur, it's an offer not be missed. With only fifty VIP memberships available for 2014, this deal won't be available for long.

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