Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lawless Jerky Launches Three New Flavors

lawless jerky
The following is an announcement from Lawless Jerky...

We are excited to announce that Lawless Jerky, the craft jerky brand known for its “Braver Flavors,” is offering three mind-blowing new flavors exclusively on Kickstarter. In raising a record-breaking $31,777 from 683 Backers, the Kickstarter community helped Lawless Jerky launch its gourmet brand in early 2013. Now Lawless Jerky is back with a Kickstarter sequel and a delicious new goal.

Lawless Jerky’s first Kickstarter project allowed VIP backers to name their own custom jerky flavor, for which Lawless Jerky would create recipes. Three bespoke flavors, Pho, Mango Habanero, and Paleo Pepper, were so outstanding that Lawless Jerky is heading back to Kickstarter with the goal of developing them for commercial sale. Initially, these flavors will be exclusive to Kickstarter backers; eventually, they will join Lawless Jerky’s “5-star Best” flavors, like Sweet Sriracha and Aloha Teriyaki.

Lawless Jerky’s Kickstarter Backers have included many ardent fans of Bestbeefjerky.org. They had this to say about Lawless Jerky’s first commercial batch of product:

"The jerky came yesterday and honestly, it was so good, it almost started a fight as to who got the last piece!!" – Jaimie

"This is the best jerky hands down I've ever tasted. Not even in the same ballpark as the national brands or even local vendors". – Merrel

"You make a great product and I hope you continue to create new flavors and keep the passion…You have a gift, sir." – Benjamin

"This is far and away the best jerky I've ever had and I'm from Texas so I've had plenty." – Justin

"Your stuff is incredible! Choice cuts, the perfect firmness, and finger-lickin' flavors. Fantastic!" – Kris

Be the first to try these new flavors; back Lawless Jerky here, and experience their original flavors here.


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