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The Jerky Connection - Chocolate Covered Jerky for Christmas

chocolate covered beef jerky
Perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas are these set of "limited edition" chocolate covered beef jerky offered by The Jerky Connection.

The three varieties: "Santa's Flaming Sleigh Ride", "Rudolph's Reindeer Tracks", and "Chocolate Snow", starts with The Jerky Connection's famous beef jerky, and then coats them in a variety of decadent sweet chocolate.

Run by Tom Greineder, The Jerky Connection is a new business that launched last June, based out of Wrightsville, PA, boasting several jerky flavors ranging from mild to insanely hot.


Beef jerky, chocolate.


Rudolph's Reindeer Tracks: Based on The Jerky Connection's Original flavor, these are chunks of jerky coated in dark chocolate.

When these pieces hit my tongue, they melt lusciously, coating my mouth in thick, sweet, chocolate. But soon after, I can pick up a light saltiness from the jerky. Once the chocolate melts away, I'm left with a little chunk of beef to chew and put away, offering up a savory flavor of marinade.

Chocolate Snow: Similar to Rudolph's Reindeer Tracks, these savory chunks of beef jerky are based on The Jerky Connection's Original recipe, but coated in white chocolate.

Initially I get a burst of creamy white chocolate lush, but a light touch of saltiness starts creeping in, and by the time the goodness has melted away, I'm left with the savory flavor of beef jerky marinade. The white chocolate has a more buttery flavor than the dark chocolate counterpart in Rudolph's Reindeer Tracks, and I think perhaps goes better with the chunks of marinated beef.

Santa's Flaming Sleigh Ride: Based on blend of habanero and ghost pepper chiles, then coated with a layer of mint chocolate, these nuggets are like tug-of-war between hellfire heat and wintery chill.

They start out with a nice minty chocolate treat of yuletide carolers, but once the sweet stuff melts away, the Ghost of Christmas Past comes on quickly to set your chomps on fire. Actually, it's not that hot, but definitely does create a nice little burn that I can feel down my esophagus. I can also pick up some light bits of the fruity habanero flavor.

Meat Consistency

These are much like the other beef jerky varieties we've reviewed extensively for The Jerky Connection. Chunks of whole meat, marinated and dehydrated into a meaty, steak-like chewing, with nothing unchewable or stringy.

Once the chocolate melts away, the chewing texture of the beef remains overall easy, finishing off quickly and preparing you for the next piece.

chocolate covered beef jerky
Rudolph's Reindeer Tracks

Chocolate Beef Jerky
Santa's Flaming Sleigh Ride

white chocolate beef jerky
Chocolate Snow

Snack Value

For a limited time only, The Jerky Connection sells these three chocolatey beef jerky chunks in a sampler pack costing $27.00. You get 4oz each of these three varieties, which is about 15-20 pieces each.

You can also buy each variety individually too, at $9.99 for 4oz.

Overall, it appears to be an excellent value, priced comparably to The Jerky Connection's jerky, but clearly one of the better version of chocolate-coated jerky brands I've had.


I'm giving these a best rating.

Chocolate-coated beef jerky has been around for several years now, but thus far has been hit and miss. The Jerky Connection seems to have done a pretty good job with its own offering.

What really works well is that these are presented in single-bite chunks, as opposed to competing brands dipping big slabs of jerky into chocolate that messes up the fingers, and drops bits of chocolate everywhere.

I really enjoyed Santa's Flaming Sleigh Ride the most, with the medium-hot burn against the cool mint chocolate. However, the Chocolate Snow was pretty good with that creamy, buttery white chocolate taste.

Put these out on a plate for Santa, and the jolly old elf might give you something special for Christmas!

Rating: Best

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