Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hells Kitchen Beef Jerky Competition

Hells Kitchen, a restaurant and bar in Minneapolis, MN, announced it's first annual beef jerky competition, and is calling for entrants, judges, and fans.

Grand prize is $300.00 plus "national recognition".

hells kitchen beef jerky contest competition
Here's the announcement they sent me today...

You may not have noticed it, but bars across the country are in the midst of a jerky craze...not the prepackaged strips you get at gas stations, but jerky made from home recipes featuring curious names such as Kill Me, Spicy Asian and Lethal. Pros as well as amatuers are scouring the internet to find recipes they can improve upon and add their own twists....and bars as well as restaurants are selling out of newly-arrived batches in a matter of hours.

Intensifying the competition, Hell's Kitchen, an award-winning, chef-owned restaurant in Minneapolis, will host the first annual National Jerky Competition on Monday, April 5, 2010, and has initiated a nationwide Call for Entries. Pros as well as amatuers can enter, with a Grand Prize of $300 cash plus a chance for national recognition. Any type of homemade jerky is welcome, from traditional beef strips to northwoods venison as well as outlandish varieties such as chocolate-dipped or peanut butter laced.

Thursday, March 25 is the deadline for entries, with the actual competition scheduled on Monday, April 5 (the same day each year as the Final Four Championship Game). For more information and Entry Form, go to and click Special Events.

Visit Hells Kitchen (the restaurant and bar) online...

You can download the entry form here


  1. I think this is a great idea having a jerky contest but I don't think giving up a recipe is going to fly!

    That's just not going to happen with a lot of jerky makers.

    I would like to know what the reason is to give up your recipe. Wwhat bearing does it have ??

    I don't think the turn out is going to be a good one with this stipulation unless everyone give a bogus recipe?

  2. We ask for it since, we require that the jerky be cooked to USDA standards. We need to read that it was cooked in a dehydrator, or cooked to a 160 F. You don't need to write the ingredients. In the official Rules and Entry we agree to not release the recipe and that it is your property. No worries, we are not scammers, we would not risk your reputation.