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Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky - Premium Teriyaki

Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky - Premium TeriyakiBuffalo Bills Beef Jerky is a brand that has been around since 1990, produced by a company called Choo Choo R Snacks, Inc., of Lebanon, PA.

The company was created by four independent snack food distributors that joined forces to offer a beef jerky product more superior than much of the chopped & formed jerky that was still around those days.

Since that time, the company has gone on to produce several lines of jerky, including their Western Cut, Country Cut, and this Premium line. They also offer meat sticks and candies.

This Premium line of jerky, which I've reviewed before in their Spicy and Hickory varieties, seems to offer a more meatier taste, in a dry and thick cut form.


Beef, teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, water, garlic powder, black pepper, onion powder, liquid smoke, sodium nitrite.


Upon first putting a piece into my mouth, I get a quick sense of the teriyaki sauce and its light sweetness, followed quickly by the natural meat flavors. As the piece softens up in my mouth, and with some chewing, I can sense a light touch of garlic.

While the ingredients lists black pepper, I don't really taste any of it on the pieces themselves. However, I do get a slight peppery taste in the back of my mouth after eating several pieces.

The teriyaki taste, while very noticeable up front, doesn't provide a strong taste. It's a light teriyaki flavor. It lasts throughout the chew, but fades away enough that by the time I've swallowed, it's gone completely.

I don't find this to be salty at all, it's rather light on the salt.

I'd say the taste that dominates this jerky is the natural meat flavors, with a smoky aroma, and is pretty much what I taste all the way.

Overall, this jerky has a good taste, though not a strong teriyaki taste. It mostly emphasizes the natural meat flavors, with just enough teriyaki to give it some additional flavoring.

Meat Consistency

These pieces are cuts of real meat, sliced into medium to thick thickness, and in small pieces. Note that this jerky only comes in a small 1oz package and is not large enough to contain bigger pieces.

This is a dry jerky that still retains some flexibility. However, some of these pieces will break apart if bent with the grain. Being these pieces are small enough, I don't find it necessarily to tear apart into bite-sized chunks, they're already bite-sized. They are on the hard side if you were to chew immediately. I'd recommend sucking on a piece first, and just lightly biting it so as to release more flavor, and then chewing it.

I didn't find any chewy tendon, gristle, or membrane on these pieces. A couple pieces had some tiny bits of fat. Otherwise, these are very lean cuts of meat.

Overall, the meat consistency is good. You might it find somewhat tough if you prefer to chew immediately. But there's nothing with this jerky that will detract your attention from enjoying its flavors.

Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky - Premium Teriyaki

Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky - Premium Teriyaki

Product Value

Choo Choo R Snacks sells this Premium Teriyaki variety in a box of 12 packages, each in 1oz sizes, for a price of $19.99. That works out to $1.67 per ounce, making this an average priced buy.

I'd say that this offers a good value for general purpose snacking, being that it offers a great meaty taste, in good meat consistency, and is quite snackable on its own merits.

As a teriyaki variety, it's rather weak and I wouldn't consider it a good buy. If you love teriyaki flavor, you'll probably wonder if the factory was running out of teriyaki sauce by the time they produced this particular batch of meat.


I'm giving this a good rating.

This Premium Teriyaki variety from Buffalo Bills provides a lot of natural meat flavors, with a smoky aroma, a light teriyaki flavor, and a good meat consistency, all of which makes this quite snackable.

But since I prefer jerky that really belts out its advertised flavor, I couldn't justify a higher rating. I'd like to get more teriyaki flavor from this. I also would like to get some additional flavor dimension, perhaps a tad more black pepper, or a tad more more garlic, or even ginger, just to give it a complexity.

Otherwise, it's great for general purpose meat snacking. If you love the taste of beef, you'll get a lot of great meaty taste from this, and you won't find any at all in terms of chewy tendon or gristle.

Rating: Good

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