Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Old Settlers Jerky - Hot

Old Settlers Jerky - HotOld Settlers is a brand of beef jerky that I used to eat a lot of several years ago, though not lately since I can't seem to find it in my local grocery stores anymore. But I managed to find this package on a recent trip into central California.

In May of 2007, the company was purchased by Jerky Snack Brands, the same company that makes the Pioneer Brand and the Double B brands of jerky.

Old Settlers Jerky doesn't have a website featuring its products, and Jerky Snack Brands doesn't mention it on their website either. It's a brand that could be in the process of being phased out of the market. A Google search of the company still shows it being located in Covina, CA. But a phone call to the number provided comes up disconnected.

I note that the "best if eaten by" date on the back of this review package expired about a few weeks prior to my purchasing it.

I used to buy this brand a lot because it was cheap, and still offered a decent taste. I note that the meat consistency in these pieces look much thicker and chunkier than the thin cut slabs they had before.


Beef, teriyaki sauce, water, sugar, pepper, garlic powder, crushed red chiles, liquid smoke.


Salty is the probably the first word out of mouth upon popping in a piece. I can then sense a taste of soy sauce. The taste of the red chiles finally pokes through and its spiciness starts to work on my tongue. There is also a sweetness that makes itself known in the background.

Being that this jerky advertises itself as "hot", I don't really find it as being truly "hot". For me it's more like medium. Others might see this as medium-hot.

Even though teriyaki sauce has the second highest weight in the ingredients list, it tastes nothing like teriyaki. It's more like soy sauce. There certainly is a sweetness that lingers in the background of my palate, but the soy sauce taste is much stronger, and doesn't manifest itself as teriyaki.

The natural meat flavors are not very evident in this. I have to soften up a piece in my mouth for several seconds, chew it a few times, and then I can detect it. But even after that, it's still a mild flavor.

The ingredients list does not list a preservative, though the package doesn't advertise this as being preservative-free. However, there is definitely a stale taste to this meat. I also note that the expiration date on this package is "2008 05 19", meaning it was already past its prime when I bought this, about a week ago.

Otherwise, the soy sauce and the saltiness is largely the taste that sits in the forefront of this jerky. That flavor continues to last throughout the chew. The spiciness of the red chiles are there enough to warrant the "hot" label on the package.

Overall, the taste is ok. I won't factor in the stale meat taste, since this package is already beyond its "best if eaten by" date. I find it too salty. I wish I could taste of the natural meat flavors, but the saltiness and the soy sauce overpower it. This really isn't the same Old Settlers brand of jerky I knew from years ago.

Meat Consistency

These appear to be real cuts of meat, sliced in average thickness, and in small to medium sized pieces.

This is mostly a dry jerky, but is still rather soft and tender. To be more correct, most of the pieces can be classified as soft and tender, while a few others are a little more tough. Overall, it's easy to eat.

I didn't find any chewy tendon or gristle in these pieces, and found very little pieces of fat.

I found quite a few crumbled little pieces at the bottom of the bag, requiring someone to pour into their hand and eat all at once.

Overall, the meat consistency in this is excellent, just fine for enjoying the flavors without disruption.

Old Settlers Jerky - Hot

Old Settlers Jerky - Hot

Product Value

I paid $2.99 for this 2oz bag at a general store in Pine Mountain Club, CA. That works out to $1.50 per oz, making this an average priced jerky. I'm sure you can get this cheaper per oz if you buy a larged sized package.

I'd say this is a good buy. For being priced at this level, it's offering what you'd expect for your money, an easy to eat jerky, with lots of flavor that lasts throughout the chew, and lives up to its billing as being hot.

As a hot variety, I'd like this to be a little more hot. Considering the word "HOT" is prominently displayed on the package, my guess is that only people who love hot foods will buy this. But because it's not really that hot, it might not provide as much value to hot food lovers.


Old Settlers Jerky - HotI'm giving this an average rating.

It has a good snack factor for general purpose snacking, particularly due to its great meat consistency. It also provides lots of flavor throughout the chew, and it lives up to its advertised flavor as being "hot".

But I find it too salty for my preference.

And I'm not sure there is much here in terms of natural meat flavors. The saltiness and the strong soy sauce flavor seem to overpower everything else.

Rating: Average

Where to Buy:
  • In stores across America (look hard)


  1. Can't find it in San Diego. Any ideas?

  2. wow really, not in san diego anymore???? I am from San Diego and in NYC now.. i cant find it here at all but i used to get it in San diego all the time in Ralphs.

  3. Can you buy this any where in the US anymore? I've never heard back from PNR regarding the Old Settlers line up. That was the best jerky in my opinion...

  4. I wish they had this jerky! They use to sell it at Ralph grocery in Long Beach, CA, but I can't find it anymore!!!

  5. They sell it by the # at:

    Tony's Market‎
    2027 Rosemead Boulevard
    South El Monte, CA 91733
    (626) 448-2765

    The regular flavor is my favorite!

  6. The beef jerky store in Las Vegas!