Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tasty Eats Soy Jerky - Original

Tasty Eats Soy Jerky - OriginalJerky made from soy beans is something of an oxymoron in my book. Mainly because the companies that make this stuff are trying to make it look, taste, and tear apart like beef jerky. Proof that vegans are secretly wanting to eat real animal flesh.

The problem is that most soy jerky, including tofu jerky, fails miserably at coming even close to something like beef jerky. So when I tried this brand of Tasty Eats Soy Jerky, I figured it would be another god-awful tasting belly-ache.

The result? Well, it's another god-awful tasting belly-ache.

And by the way, this brand of jerky (if you can even call this jerky), comes double-bagged, with a vacuumed sealed bag inside of an outer bag. I guess that's the preserve the freshness of the soy.


Textured soy protein (non-GMO), water, evaporated cane juice, expeller pressed sesame oil, spices, white pepper, salt, and caramel powder (from non-GMO cane juice).


I'll sum it up first, and give you the details later. This stuff is terrible. Absolutely awful. Digusting.

If I could compare this to anything, it would be like biting into soft turkey jerky, but tasting like milk that has soaked in a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal, and has soured up a little.

Unlike real beef jerky, in which the taste gets better as it softens up in your mouth, this stuff tastes worse and worse. I took a small bite, and chewed it a little, and couldn't stop my facial muscles from cramping my face into half of its normal size.

I had to take a swig of Coke just to swallow it, and didn't bother taking another bite.

This stuff also has the same smell of dog treats as the Tofurky Jurky I reviewed earlier, and it leaves the smell on your fingers. I had to take a shower after writing this just to get the "dirty feeling" off of me.


While the photo I presented below makes this look like one giant glop of soy-mush, it's actually several small pieces that break apart. Each piece is bite-sized by jerky standards.

These are very soft pieces, with a slight bit of moisture.

And these actually tear apart like soft beef jerky, they even fray like fibers of real meat. Except you know it's not real meat. Even in my mouth, they feel like real meat.

Tasty Eats Soy Jerky - Original

Tasty Eats Soy Jerky - Original

Product Value

I paid $2.55 for this 1.5 ounce bag at a Sprouts health food store in Temecula, CA. That works out to $1.70 per ounce, putting this into the average price range.

I'd say this offers very little value. The only value is the small bit of protein, in an animal-free product. But considering that you can already get plenty of animal-free protein in bag of trail mix, it makes no sense why someone would pay $2.55 for a tiny bag of extremely horrible food.

I tried to evaluate this product on its own merits, and couldn't find any merits. I'm sure companies can make a soy product that actually tastes good. So why can't they just focus on making great tasting soy, instead of coming out with something so foul as this?


I'm giving this a "dog treats" rating.

Dogs are probably the better consumer for this product. Though you'd do better by buying real dog treats, it'll save you more money, and your dog won't think it was being punished.

I gotta believe that even vegans appreciate great tasting food, but I just can't understand anyone, including vegans, liking this.

Rating: Dog Treats

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  3. Yes, I am a vegetarian, but not because I don't like the taste of meat...I just don't like the way it gets onto my plate. Anyway, I think this jerky tastes VERY much like meat and has an excellent flavor. I buy a few packs every time I'm at Sprouts. If you're mind is open to non-meat products, you should give this a try and decide for yourself.

  4. I'm vegan. I agree--this stuff is wicked nasty. I also had wash my hands for 15 minutes straight to get the stank off. I tried the hot and spicy, which kind tastes like my grandfather smells after he has a smoke: Pal Mals and Old Spice.

    Mind if I use one of your pics for my own review? I threw mine out before I photographed it. Thanks!
    http://www.mywholedeal.com/reviews/tasty-eats-soy-jerky/ ‎

  5. I'm a vegan for many years and I just tried the Teriyaki flavored Soy Jerky. I thought it was okay. I liked it better than the Tamari flavored Cactus Jerky. Not something I would buy again though.

  6. I absolutely LOVE this stuff. They stopped shipping it to Canada, however, which really sucks. I think I would actually buy a case of this stuff. You are right, it does NOT taste like meat. Instead, this soy jerky has it's own unique flavour and texture and I really like that.