Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ju Ju Jerky - Spicy Turkey

Ju Ju Jerky - Spicy TurkeyJu Ju Jerky is a relatively new brand of jerky, having broken into the market in 2004. Their focus is on infusing jerky with Caribbean style flavorings.

I had only discovered this brand just a week ago at a local grocery store, while trying to look for beef jerky free of preservatives, and sure enough that's also what Ju Ju Jerky specializes in.

The company is also based in Southern California, so I'm not sure if folks across the states are able to find this in their stores. Ju Ju Jerky does offer sales online.

Last Friday, I reviewed their Turkey Jerky, and gave it a "best" rating. So going into this Spicy Turkey Jerky, I have very high expectations.


Turkey, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, brown cane sugar, lemon pepper, hickory smoke flavor, spices, onion powder.

These ingredients are exactly the same as their plain Turkey Jerky. I'm guessing there's extra stuff in their "spices".


The taste is pretty much what I recall in Ju Ju's plain Turkey Jerky, with the difference that it is indeed a bit more spicy. It's not hot at all, I'd consider this mild. Lesser-experienced tongues might see this as medium-hot.

The primary taste that comes out of this is the worcestershire sauce, and sweet. After that, I notice the unique Caribbean style flavorings, some garlic, the lemon pepper.

Just like with the plain Turkey Jerky, there isn't much saltiness with this, which is backed up by the fact that the nutrition label shows only 170mg of sodium, probably the lowest level of sodium I've seen with jerky. To me, that's great. I don't like salty jerky.

As for the Caribbean style flavor blend, honestly I can't tell you if this actually mimics what you might find in the Caribbean islands, since I'm not familiar with that cuisine. But I can tell you that I'm definitely tasting a spice blend that is very unique, and something that I can't put to words.

While the flavoring is very good, I don't taste much in the natural turkey meat flavors. The flavoring is so thick and varied, that you don't really notice the meat taste. In fact, I'd have trouble noticing this as turkey. In softening up a piece in my mouth, and sucking out the juices, mostly what I get is the taste of flavorings, not so much meat.

Between the plain Turkey Jerky and this Spicy Turkey Jerky, I like the spicy better. I'm just partial to spicy foods, that's all. If anything, I was kinda expecting something more spicy than this. I mean, I expecting "hot". This is actually just slightly more spicy than the plain. But then again, the packaging doesn't say that it's "hot", just "spicy".

Meat Consistency

These appear to be real slices of meat, sliced in average to thin thickness, and are very easy to tear apart and chew.

The package claims this to be "Moist and Tender", and I would have to agree. The pieces are not dry by my standards. They are very tender, and offer a moist and sticky touch.

I don't find much in the way of tendon or gristle in this review sample. I don't see much fat either; these appear to be very lean pieces.

Overall, the meat consistency provides a very enjoyable jerky experience.

Ju Ju Jerky - Spicy Turkey

Ju Ju Jerky - Spicy Turkey

Product Value

I paid $5.99 for this 3.25 ounce bag at an Albertson's grocery store in Menifee, CA. That works out to $1.84 per ounce, putting this in the average price range, but at the upper end.

This definitely provides a great value as a turkey jerky. You often think of turkey jerky as tasting "foul", because that's what it is, a bird. But Ju Ju's brand of turkey jerky is so loaded with flavor that you'd never know it was turkey.

It has great snackability with its complex taste, moist and tender chewing, and overall excellent jerky experience. I can't stop reaching for more.

Not to forget, that this contains no sodium nitrite. Considering that this comes without preservatives, and is able to taste this great, makes it icing on the cake.


Ju Ju Jerky - Spicy TurkeyI'm giving this a "best" rating.

This is basically the same as the company's plain Turkey Jerky, which I also rated as "best", but just a little bit spicier. To me, that makes it little bit better.

Being easy to eat, packed full of unique flavoring, free of preservatives, and very low in sodium, I can't see how you'd go wrong buying a bag.

Rating: Best

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  1. Hey! I think that you're right!
    I can't stop eating it either.
    Healthier and tastier not to mention moist and tender.
    Funny my friend sent me to this site after I tried the jerky. It's not something I usually eat.
    I Love JuJu Jerky......

  2. Based on your review, Steve, I am going to sample Ju Ju for my jerky business. Can't wait to try it! Most turky jerky I have sampled has been bland and tough. This turkey jerky has a winning combination: The lowest sodium I have ever heard of, high quality meat, great spices, plus they donate proceeds to give back to the community.

    Thanks for doing what you do!