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Walgreens Steakhouse Beef Jerky - Peppered

Walgreens Steakhouse Beef Jerky - PepperedSteakhouse is the store brand of beef jerky owned by the Walgreens drug store chain.

For the record, this jerky is private labeled through Mirab USA. The jerky contained in this package is produced by Mirab. For more information about Mirab USA, see our previous article, "Mirab USA - Beef Jerky Private Labeler".

I've always liked Walgreens as a source of snack foods. They seem to have a "good" selection for a drug store, and have good deals on stuff. Some of their other store brands, such as the "Deerfield" brand of sunflower seeds, and their house brand of ice cream, is actually pretty good.

But I can't say the same for their store brand of "Steakhouse" jerky.


The ingredients list shows the following: beef, water, sugar, maltodextrin, salt, apple cider vinegar, black pepper crushed, MSG, tripolyphosphate, garlic powder, onion powder, hydrolized corn gluten protein, citric acid, sodium nitrite.

Mostly what I taste is the black pepper, and some slight sweetness, and some salt. There is a strong black pepper taste, which is what I would expect in a peppered variety. There is also a slight smokey taste also.

There are no natural beef flavors that I can find in this stuff.

The pieces have a slight "slimy" coating when you pop it into your mouth. This coating has a flavor of some kind, but is very hard to describe. It's not bad tasting, but not necessarily good tasting either.

Meat Consistency

This appears to be "formed" beef jerky. The package says that it's "made from solid strips of beef". That might be, but just solid pieces that were ground up into meal and formed together.

Most of the pieces are large, and require some tearing apart. These pieces do tear apart somewhat easily.

The pieces have a somewhat moist consistency, but more on the dry side.

They are also not very flexible. Some bending causes them to crack and break apart. Chewing a piece mostly causes its crumble apart, which is expected for formed jerky.

Product Value

Walgreens stamps the packages with a price of $2.99 for a three ounce bag, working out to $1.00 per ounce, putting it in the cheap range. But the store offers a lower price of $2.50 per bag, if you buy two bags. That works out to $0.83 cents per ounce. Cheap.

If all you like is good black pepper taste, this does offer that. But as a beef jerky, it doesn't offer much more taste.

Walgreens Steakhouse Beef Jerky - Peppered

Walgreens Steakhouse Beef Jerky - Peppered


I'm giving this a "Dog Treats" rating.

The fact that its formed jerky, already puts this at a disadvantage. And since it doesn't offer much more on taste, and has a strange tasting coating, and the fact that they loaded it up with MSG and maltodextrin, I'm not sure what more you'd want to do with this stuff other than make your dog do tricks.

Better yet, save your money, and buy your dog some Beggin Strips.

Rating: Dog Treats

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  1. mine are nice and squares.
    i taste the black pepper and the beef taste at the same time.
    i think every walgreens are different?