Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Jeff's Famous Jerky - Carolina Reaper

jeff's famous jerky
Jeff's Famous Jerky recently released this new flavor, Carolina Reaper. Based out of Mission Viejo, CA, Jeff's Famous Jerky is a brand owned by Jeff's Famous Foods, Inc.

The company started up in 2010 when Jeff Richards decided to make a business from his favorite snack food, jerky. Since the 1970s, Richards has been making his own jerky, getting better year after year, similar to like a 40-year old bourbon. Professionally, Richards has spent his career in the restaurant business and also coaches entrepreneurs through a consulting business.

This Carolina Reaper variety is of course based on the currently-world's-most-hottest chile pepper, the Carolina Reaper. According to Jeff himself, he launched this jerky variety after friends kept asking for something "over-the-top fiery".