Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Humboldt's Best Beef Jerky - Original

humboldt's best beef jerky
Humboldt's Best Beef Jerky is a brand owned by Robert's Distributing, based out of Fortuna, CA. It's one of those brands you typically find inside a convenience store/gas station located in the middle of nowhere along the Interstate.

This brand doesn't have a website where you can buy online. We found this at a Shell gas station in Garberville, CA, and I'm sure you can probably find it in other venues throughout Humboldt County, CA.

The packaging doesn't make any claims or promises on what this jerky tastes like, nor anything on what it offers.


Beef, sugar, water, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, garlic powder, black pepper, liquid smoke, sodium nitrite.


The first flavor is a light sweet with a faint smoke. A hint of salt comes in soon. The chewing brings on a bit more sweet with a light soy sauce, and touch more salt.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a moderately sweet, but watered down soy sauce. The seasonings are very light, almost unnoticeable, aside from a touch of smoke. There's little to no natural meat flavors, and very much mild in spiciness. It reminds me of a Jack Link's Original variety.

The meat consistency is mostly all meat with light bits and spots of fat. The initial chew feels gummy and rubbery, and eventually takes on a somewhat meaty feel, but never chews like steak. I can detect a fair amount of stringiness. It's otherwise moderately chewy, and dry to the touch.


This Original variety from Humboldt's Best Beef Jerky is a very mild, low flavored jerky that mostly offers a moderately sweet, watered down soy sauce flavor. It's mostly a snack that you'd eat while driving long distances up and down the US-101, hence why it's only sold along the highway. Otherwise, it offers next to nothing for the jerky aficionado.

But it's not a bad jerky by any means. It's just not inspiring. It's perhaps a better choice than a Jack Link's jerky if you can pick up this up for a dollar cheaper.

Rating: Average

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  • Only available in stores in Humboldt County, CA

humboldt's best beef jerky

humboldt's best beef jerky

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  1. It's also available in Trinity County. Specifically in Weaverville. Tops Supermarket, Stops Mini Mart, and Redwood Market.